The Childcare Pathfinder

Complete this interactive mini-course to reflect on whether, when and how to use childcare to make your parenthood plan work.


You have mixed feelings about the idea of using childcare.

  • Like 80% of families, you can’t afford to have one parent stay-at-home (or you’re not keen to stay at home!)
  • You’ve heard about the importance of early years development for children’s brains
  • You’re not sure how you feel about someone else looking after your child
  • You’re afraid to dig into the research, in case you don’t like what you hear!
  • You need to get comfortable with the principle of using childcare, and when to use it, before you choose a provider

Hi, I’m Helen, and I help people like you, to make well-informed decisions about how to manage parenthood

I’m a parent of 2 children (11 and 9), but before I had kids, I didn’t know much about childcare at all.

Through research, personal experience, and talking to lots of parents, I’ve put together a balanced, reflective resource for those thinking about using childcare for the first time.

Nothing else like this currently exists, because everyone who’s knowledgeable about childcare is either a researcher on a very narrow topic, or part of the childcare industry (and not very unbiased!).

I’ve put together this course as an antidote to feeling a bit stuck when it comes to thinking about childcare. Once you’ve completed this interactive mini-course, there’s a more practical Childcare PlanBuilder course to help you choose between all the different options in a well-informed way.

The Childcare Pathfinder is a short, educational and interactive, course to help you reflect on your feelings about childcare, and to stimulate discussion with your partner (if you have one).

It’s designed to bring you clarity on how much childcare you want to use, and when, so you can move on to making practical choices about providers.

Informative, thought-provoking videos

Videos cover topics such as the different ways of thinking about childcare (including its costs), what the research says about the impact of childcare on children and families, and whether it ever makes sense to be a stay-at-home parent.

Questions for you to answer in the tool

After every video, there’s a question or two for you to answer. These build to create your personal pdf document. They also ensure that you’re always on track with your reflections and don’t finish the course empty-handed.

Your personal pdf report, “My Childcare Reflections”

The answers to your questions will be collated automatically into a pdf report which you can download at the end, perhaps to share with your partner.

All your questions answered, for 1 month

Ask questions and get answers, for 1 month after buying the course. These will be personal answers, to help you understand how the course content relates to your life.


Feel knowledgeable and clear on your views on childcare.

  • Move from clueless to clear(ish) about childcare
  • Understand the childcare question from all every angle
  • Make well-informed decisions about how much childcare might be right for you
  • Get aligned with your partner on this important question
  • Be able to defend your viewpoint in conversations about childcare with friends and family

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