The Childcare PlanBuilder

Complete this interactive short course to learn about how the UK childcare system works, all the childcare options and their costs, how the government schemes work, and how to create a well-informed childcare plan for your family.


You know you’ll need childcare support. So what’s next?

  • How does the UK childcare system work (costs, government schemes, availability), and what’s new?
  • What is ‘quality childcare’ anyway, and how can you recognise it?
  • What are ALL the childcare options (including the lesser known ones), and how do they compare?
  • How do you decide what will suit your family at the different ages of your child?
  • What about when your child is older – how will childcare work when they are at school?

Hi, I’m Helen, and I help people like you, to make well-informed decisions to support parenthood

Before I had kids, I didn’t know much about childcare. So I made mistakes that could have been avoided.

And I wasn’t the only one. So many other parents also told me they wish they’d known more about all the options, the relative costs, the government schemes, and the different ways parents make things work, before leaping into childcare decisions.

That’s why I’ve put together an information-packed, and thought-provoking interactive course to help you create a practical plan for your childcare.

Whether you already have a young child, are expecting a child, or are just thinking about how their life would work with kids – if you think you’ll need childcare, this is for you.

The Childcare PlanBuilder is a short, educational and interactive, course to help you create a practical, well-informed, plan for your childcare.

You’ll get clear on what kind of childcare to use and why, and what you need to do next.

Informative, up-to-date videos

Videos cover topics such as the UK childcare system, costs, government schemes, childcare options (including nurseries, childminders, nannies, and creative ideas for how to manage childcare).

Questions for you to answer in the tool

After every video, there’s a question or two for you to answer. These keep you focused throughout and make the course interactive, as well as building towards your personal plan.

Your personal pdf report, “My Childcare Plan”

The answers to your questions will be collated automatically into a pdf report, “My Childcare Plan”, which you can download at the end, as a permanent record of your plan.

All your questions answered, for 1 month

Ask questions and get answers, for 1 month after buying the course. These will be personal answers, to help you understand how the course content relates to your life.


Make a plan for your childcare, and feel confident in your decisions.

  • Move from clueless to relative expert about the childcare system and government schemes
  • Feel confident you have explored all your childcare options
  • Be clear about the next steps and which websites will help you
  • Get ahead of the curve, so you can join the right waiting lists and get the childcare you want
  • Make informed decisions that you can be confident in

Did you know?

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You might be wondering….

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Yes! All Preparental courses and tools are accessible as part of membership of The Club. Find out more about The Club on the homepage.

Great question. The Childcare Pathfinder is more philosophical, and is designed to help those who are working out what their attitude to using childcare is. There isn’t much overlap between the two courses, and they will complement each other, and can be completed in any order. Equally, both courses stand alone – the Pathfinder being more philosophical and helping you to align your attitude to childcare with your partner, and the PlanBuilder being more practical and leading to a plan.

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