Could you be on our Parent Panel?

If you’re a parent with useful stories or wisdom to share with future parents, consider joining our Parent Panel. It’s compensated, it’s super-flexible, and it’s a fulfilling way to pass on your knowledge and experience.


You’ve made mistakes in your parent journey (as we all have!), but overall you’re positive about parenthood.

  • Maybe you wish you’d planned parenthood a bit better, and you’d like others to learn from your “mistakes”.
  • Maybe you’ve done it your way, and you’re proud of the way it’s working out!
  • Maybe you just love helping others, especially if it’s based on your experiences!
  • You support the Preparental mission to create intentional, prepared future parents.

Hi, I’m Helen, and I’d like to invite you to apply for our parent panel.

I’m the founder of Preparental, an organisation dedicated to creating intentional, prepared parents, and reducing their preparental anxiety along the way.

There are so many different paths into, and through, parenthood. There’s no “right” way of doing it, only what’s right for you.

I work with anxious future parents, and those who haven’t made up their mind yet. It’s hard to figure out how to manage parenthood these days – financially and logistically – and the world can seem like a scary place to bring a child into.

If you’re a parent, you may have stories to tell, and advice or encouragement to give. The Preparental Parent Panel is a carefully selected group of parents with diverse experiences, who have the skill to be able to tell their stories and dispense their wisdom to future parents without trying to persuade them to do it one particular way, and without ever making them feel silly or wrong.

Step 1
Complete the Questionnaire

Take 10 minutes to complete our parent questionnaire, and express your interest in joining our Panel.

As well as joining our Parent Panel, there are other opportunities to help us, such as sharing your parent schedule.

Step 2
Join the Panel

You’ll get fully briefed about how to be a Panel member.

Create your parent profile, including the hours you are normally available and could potentially talk to a future parent.

Step 3
Get matched to talk to future parents

Receive an alert whenever a future parent would like to speak to you, and find out what their questions.

If you think you can help, have a 30 minute chat with the future parent about something you’re experienced in. You don’t need to be an expert: just talk about your own experience.